This process results in better and healthier relationships.
“Growing up with both parents being holocaust survivors, I learned about fear and survival at a very early age, and these sessions helped me to uncover these fears about life and become a more centered person. These sessions assisted me in looking at my positive and negative qualities and understanding my strengths. I feel very good about myself, more focused and full of life.” I. Gomulka. Orlando FL.

The Origin: 1-2 SessionsThis process allows you to explore the creation of your divine nature.

Feelings of separation from the Divine Source result in a lack of joy, a feeling of loneliness and unfulfilled desires. You may sometimes feel alienated in the world, and in your need to fit in and feel your purpose and connection, you spend a lifetime trying to meet the expectations of others.

This process helps you release self-limiting patterns of control that curb your creativity in every aspect. Merging with your divine essence awakens your ability to create beauty and to feel the joy of purest love.
This process aligns your heart ‘intuition’ and mind ‘wisdom.

Male & Female Balancing: 3 sessions
The relationships we have are a mirror of our inner world of memories. This process helps you to release past issues of betrayal that trigger the battle of the sexes. The male represents wisdom (thought ) and the female love (feeling). Healing your insecure wounded heart restores the essence of self-trust and spiritual love. These sessions facilitate union on many different levels between masculine and feminine principals.
This process brings your soul into a state of harmony and wholeness.

The Seven Visions: 1 – 3 sessions
Each of the seven energy centers of your physical body have a specific function, quality and personality. For you to realize your greater potential, it is vital that each personality is brought to light, fine tuned and woven into harmony with one another.
Once the energies are aligned and equally balanced they will reflect the synergy of your full vision, expression, love and power within.
This process ignites your enthusiasm and connection to universal Oneness.

Inner Child: 4 sessions
Cellular Clearing of Potential illness and Disease
Through the earliest years of a child’s development, he/she experienced negative events that caused hurt, pain, loneliness, fear and boredom. In order to feel love and protection, the child created fantasies out of fragmentation via stories and games of make believe. These negative inner scenarios of made up characters and alternative realities effect personal growth, maturity and health.

The purpose of this process is to help you defragment the negativity that robs you of your creative potential and wholesome qualities.

Inner Child
1st session: Clears the mind of pain.
2nd session: Clears the heart of fear.
3rd session: Clears deception.

Thoughts and feelings of physical and spiritual separation result in the fear of abandonment, failure, nothingness and death. A sense of hopelessness leads to ‘going unconscious’ where a state of existing rather than living with purpose ensues.

The heart is the pulse of life. When ignored, the heart becomes depressed by the mind. A lack of purpose and joy slowly invades the health of the physical body.

4th session: Healing and Restoration.
The rescue of your inner child rekindles your compassion. You have a deep understanding of the powerful and creative forces of your mind and realize that you no longer need to return to those past stages of isolation and suffering.

Instead, your inner child awakens the spontaneous joy and playful energies within your heart, setting your spirit free to create beauty in your life.

With your mind and heart in sync you have the power to heal and regenerate your health naturally.  Clients report great relief from emotional and physical pain and depression. They see themselves in a wonderful new way and simply have more fun.