COACHING SEMINARS Open to the Public:

Dynamic Life Renewal Support Group Classes and One-on-One coaching in:

* Stress Reduction * Anxiety * Depression
* Relaxation & Rejuvenation * Pain Relief
* Improved Sleep * Your Ideal Weight
For information call 321-262-8889


Energy Medicine for a Happy Heart

  • Each session clears obstacles that prevent you from fully engaging in life
  • You’ll also learn fast and effective healing techniques to help you fine-tune yourself
  • More importantly, you’ll achieve greater peace of mind
  • You’ll be a happy ‘change agent’ for health and wellbeing where ever you are


What people experience:
“After years of trying different techniques for stress relief, my experience with Gloria’s coaching had a real impact. First I felt a huge energy release of tension throughout my body. Then, the heavy weight on my chest that had been there for years lifted – So fast, what a relief! I continue to use this technique to maintain a balance.”

~Beverly J. Sarasota FL

“Now I believe in the healing power of the mind. These are super simple techniques.”
~Angie P. CNA Tampa FL