The Imagery of Gloria Andrioli Gloria is the founder of Dynamic Life Renewal self-healing systems, and the author of a variety of audio programs for transformation. Her love of music and art are woven together in rich and colorful word tapestries that are relaxing, soothing and refreshing.

For more than a decade, her research and work with various healing modalities, combined with the positive feedback from her clients, inspired her to produce the Empowerment Series.

This popular series of guided visualizations is currently assisting people from all walks of life in reaching greater fulfillment, awareness and balance in their lives.

The Music of Paul Armitage

paularmitagePaul Armitage is a widely recognized international recording artist, composer and musician. He has performed as a feature artist in Australia, London, the USA, Canada, Japan, India and the Middle Ease. Paul has also given performances at Mt. Shasta, the Great Pyramids, the Vatican, the Taj Mahal and many other sacred sites worldwide.

“Paul’s music is a gift from the angels, his music is truly heaven sent.” — Doreen Virtue, Author of Angel Oracle Cards.

“Walking in the footsteps of the greatest composers who ever blessed this earth, Paul composes and plays music that captures the very creation of life itself. He has the ability to connect with the higher octave of the universe to bring through overtures of The Music of the Spheres.” — Dr. Norma Milanovich

Paul provides original Musical Soul Portraits for individuals recorded directly to CD. These one-of-a -kind spontaneously performed compositions are of one’s Soul Essence. Serving as a powerful tool for self-remembrance, reminding the listener of the Greatness of their True Self.

To find out more about Paul’s CD’s visit Paul Armitage Music Email Paul  or Call 1-604-263-8374