Our human life is delicate. By living consciously we sustain our hope and faith. Even in the wake of life’s uncertainty, the more open minded we become, the more we touch the lives of others. By our example, we can sow the seeds of hope and goodness on Mother Earth for future generations.

Through love and inspiration, I assist individuals on their path toward health and happiness. Through teaching and writing, I communicate the value of connection, and how each of us can find meaning in our own unique story of life. I model the peaceful world that I wish to share. —Gloria

Gloria Andrioli, Ph.D. is a doctor of Transpersonal Psychology and Alternative medical therapies, an intuitive and a transformational teacher. She is founder of Envision© self-healing systems and is the author of a variety of audio programs for personal empowerment.

Originally from South Africa, Gloria’s profession for three decades in the world of the performing arts now weaves a colorful richness in her work in the healing arts.

She has been in private practice since 1994 and conducts private consultations, group teaching sessions, and Dynamic Life Renewal coaching seminars internationally. Read more about Gloria


Lavender Flower SpikesWhat clients say…

Your seminar ‘Heart to Heart’ presented a wonderful new perspective on letting go of the past and celebrating life.” — South Africa.

“Your gentle strength, encouragement and guidance are a true inspiration to anyone choosing the path of self realization.” — Dr. Bernice White, Bermuda

“I was able to resolve my inner conflicts and bring closure to my disruptive past in an environment of trust and safety, and in a gentler manner. Now I have greater choices to enjoy more balance in my personal and professional life” — A P Rochester NY

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