When we become the change that we wish to see in the world, Life is a celebration! By living consciously we sustain our hope and faith. Even in the wake of life’s uncertainty, the more open minded we become the more we touch the lives of others, and by our example, we leave a legacy of love and goodness on earth for future generations. Together we can model a peaceful world. Gloria

Gloria Andrioli, PhD., ChT, is a doctor of Transpersonal Psychology and Holistic Therapies and she is the author of a variety of self-healing systems for personal empowerment. Gloria is originally from South Africa. With more than four decades of professional experience in both the performing arts and the healing arts, she specializes in helping individuals, couples and families on their path towards greater fulfillment, health and happiness. Gloria conducts coaching seminars, Intuitive readings and Dynamic Life Renewal sessions nationally and internationally.

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What clients say…

Your seminar ‘Heart to Heart’ presented a wonderful new perspective on letting go of the past and celebrating life.” — South Africa.

“Your gentle strength, encouragement and guidance are a true inspiration to anyone choosing the path of self realization.” — Dr. Bernice White, Bermuda

“In 12 years of therapy I never realized what it took Gloria just three sessions to help me find – a huge clearing and a wonderful shift!” J.S. – Chapel Hill NC.

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Do you feel overwhelmed in your life?

It’s time to realize your dreams, transform your life and achieve your full potential.
In the Drama of life we often push aside our deeper needs and forget the true purpose for being human – to find lasting happiness. Finally, here is a proven therapeutic process that you can use to achieve immediate and long lasting results.

Holistic Psychotherapy is a systematic life clearing and healing process for growth and change.
These sessions address all areas of successful living including relationships, career, and health and self-esteem.

What makes Holistic Psychotherapy so effective and uniquely different?
A true system of healing must examine the highest aspects of our being to bring about deep transformation. Holistic Psychotherapy does just that. Through the complete integration of the mind, emotions, body and soul, you’ll have a deeper understanding of life’s purpose. Thus, you’ll develop a heightened sense of awareness to live your life more consciously moment to moment.

Find a Happier and More Vibrant You!
Just three Dynamic Life Renewal sessions will change your life!
Each two hour session works quickly to clear the root causes of dysfunctional patterns of unhappiness and stress, and begin healing instantly.
In one to three consecutive sessions you’ll journey through your life stages, clearing memories and unresolved issues. You’ll have a clearer understanding of your life struggles and your higher purpose.
You’ll also move beyond the self-limiting blocks that prevent you from achieving your goals and living a healthier, more productive lifestyle and learn what is needed to move to the next level of your life.

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