hypnotherapyIs there something about yourself that you would like to change, heal or improve?
Hypnosis works in harmony with your beliefs and will help you align your heart and mind to generate more healthy attitudes.

Learning how to relax is one of the greatest gifts for maintaining a healthy mind and body. You have the ability to cope more readily with the stresses in our changing world. This safe and gentle method of healing will guide you to a fully relaxed state, where you are open to make the life changes your desire. Imagination forms reality and will power animates reality. Together imagination and willpower create reality.

How does a session work?

You choose the personal changes you want to make. In a session you are always aware of everything, and you always maintain control.

Our attitudes govern the constant change within the physical body; therefore the physical body is always changing. Hypnotherapy can increase personal awareness and generate more healthy attitudes. Thus, you are able to maintain a balance in mind body and spirit. Healing Fragmentation Trauma and shock caused by accidents, operations, violence, abuse, and loss through death, result in soul fragmentation. A state of being shattered or split apart by the experience.

Some of the symptoms are feelings of emptiness, like there is a part of you missing. Your attention is scattered and you feel ungrounded and spacey. Your energy feels drained by heaviness somewhere in your body. Or there maybe a numbness or cold or hot spots in your body. It is hard to feel your connection because something isn’t quite right in your world and you cannot describe the sensation.

Just a few Hypnotherapy sessions can help you heal the original traumatic events and restore your physical energy.

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