Enrich all aspects of your life. These health sessions can empower you as well as promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. You will begin to feel more relaxed, able to sleep better, improve your focus and productivity and begin to enjoy more inner peace and love in your life. This healing system is not intended to be used as a substitute for your professional health care or therapeutic guidance.

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transformationSeven Guided Visualizations on 3 CD’s each track 21 min.
Clearing & Healing Listen to Life Transformation 1
Listen to Life Transformation 2
$45.00 includes shipping


greatrelationships2Communication – Friendship – Love – Intimacy
$15.00 includes shipping

Attract positive experiences into your personal and professional life. This session clearly magnifies the undesirable core issues and patterns that prevent you from enjoying the relationships your desire. Lighten up your heart; you’ll love the magic of the law of attraction.


idealweight2Enjoy more energy, motivation and joy!
$15.00 includes shipping

What are you denying yourself? Resolve the cause of unhappiness and receive all that is good and nourishing for your mind and body. Build a healthy positive self-image, and invite the spirit of happiness to enter your life.


peakperformance2Aim for the stars!
$15.00 includes shipping

Whatever you want to do you can. Merge yourself in the power of super-consciousness. In this state you are moved beyond your limitations. This session can also advance the healing of injuries.


painmanagement3Renew your soul. Listen to Pain Management
$15.00 includes shipping

Each day the sun paints a new sky especially for you! Journey on waves of expanded consciousness and feel the ocean of love flow through you, and heal you. Rest, restore and revitalize both mind and body.


relaxrejuv2Cellular Activation. Listen to Relaxation & Rejuvenation
$15.00 includes shipping

Enjoy the majesty of your own mountain spa, and discover the wellspring of life within the heart of your being. Clear your mind. Abandon all your worries and tension and allow positive attitudes to recharge the cellular level of the body.


SMOKE FREE & HEALTHY Supercharge your life!
smokingcessation2$15.00 includes shipping

Your life is infinitely more important than a puff of smoke! This session will help you release the stress and depression causing addictive and self-destructive patterns, as well as reinforce your commitment to become a non smoker.


INSPIRATION Enhance your creativity.
inspiration2$15.00 includes shipping

Journey beyond space and time. Tap into the super-conscious realms of wisdom and intuition. Raise your level of concentration and reach you highest potential.


STRESS FREE – SLEEP EASY Release anxiety.
stressfree$15.00 includes shipping

Experience deep levels of emotional and physical relaxation while immersing you in feelings of tranquility. In this state of complete surrender enter into a restful sleep. Wake up refreshed to the dawn of a beautiful new day.