A Biographical Sketch
Gloria Andrioli
I was born in South Africa and introduced to a happy world of music, art and dance, and in my early teens my home away from home was a Roman Catholic Convent where it became my quest to unravel the mystery of suffering. After graduating, I taught music for a year before following my passion to work in the Theater. For two and a half decades, the world of entertainment was my playground where I exercised my imagination as a costume and set designer and I loved every moment, yet something was missing, the joy of it all was fleeting!

Ironically, the first musical I designed “Stop the World I Want to Get Off,” mirrored my discontent, because I desperately wanted to heal all the suffering that showed up in the world. I would later discover that the world was in me. At the time, I was completely unaware that my observation of suffering would lead me to become a happier more fully functioning human being. So, the earth stage was set for this to unfold.

My exciting career included designing shows for the Performing Arts, in South Africa and the UK, for Ice shows, film and television, Miss World Pageants and Extravaganzas for the Sun International Casino resorts and Jupiter’s on the Gold Coast in Australia, and in the USA for Merv Griffin, Las Vegas, for Cruise Lines and Walt Disney. During that time, I had the honor of working with many talented artists, directors and producers including the well-known author and play write of ‘The Miracle Worker’ William Gibson.

I couldn’t have asked for more. But, as life happens to all of us, the tragic loss of family members, suicide and the sudden deaths of my father and my first husband within three months, followed years later a painful divorce overshadowed the joy of it all.

As a result, for years I felt numb and disconnected. Still, I continued to wear my happy-go-lucky mask disguising my sadness and despair, while energetically feeling trapped between two worlds – one happy and one filled with sadness — more commonly known as depression.

There I was, stuck in my rabbit hole lamenting, “How did I get here, why am I here and who’s running this show on earth?” The veteran performer Charlie Chaplin said, “Life is a tragedy up close and a comedy long shot.”

Well, during those years, I never stopped examining life through all its diamond facets, taking trips to India, walking on hot coals, learning yoga pretzel poses and studying various spiritual schools of thought all in the hopes of exposing the rabbit in the hat trick — until I finally got it! I wasn’t ready to free the rabbit!

By forty five, I intuitively felt a huge life change was imminent, and as I have grown to know, the universe always presents the right opportunity at the right time and often with a sense of humor. Now, I knew how illusions worked on stage, but still not in my life.

Well, during all the hype on the opening night of my twelfth extravaganza, ‘Beyond Belief,’ featuring world class illusionists, I remember thinking, “Really, how many more variations of a G-string can I create?” I was at cross roads, with barely a spark of passion left; clearly, the end game fell short of the happy life I dreamed I would live.
Little did I know then, that my profession in the performing arts would one day be my source of inspiration for working in the healing arts!

In the theater, an actor remembers that he or she has a life beyond the stage. However, in real life the human actor tends to forget that life continues beyond the world stage.

And, as I witnessed in my personal life; I, too, was still stuck on the past stages of my life’s illusions, preventing me from living a happy and fulfilled life, until I asked this question: “If this is the only world stage in the universe how bored is the designer?” What a huge wakeup call! It was 1992 when destiny paved the way to the USA.

An invitation to spend Christmas in Connecticut with a few semi-retired dancers from the original Broadway production of ‘A Chorus Line’ marked the turning point of my life, when a conversation about the healing arts sparked my interest!

Yes! There was no question that I still wanted to heal the world, and this was the moment! So, with great enthusiasm I followed Yogi Bear’s advice and took the fork in the road?

I sold my property in South Africa and I invested every cent blindly on my future calling about which I knew very little. Yet, I felt as if my soul had been auditioning lifetimes for this role.

With amazing synchronicity and at lightning speed I met my teachers who would guide me through the next chapter of my life. It was imperative that students of Metaphysics and Transpersonal Psychology undergo a life clearing. As a future facilitator of healing I had to clear my mind of flawed perceptions and heal myself first in order to assist others.

I had never experienced any kind of therapy before, so with the guidance of a compassionate and very skilled therapist I began my inner journey of self-realization.

As if going to the movies “Through Time” I discovered fragmented worlds within me, so we never knew what was going to show up during a session. Lifetimes of drama and baggage was released until finally my question about suffering was answered. It was clear how I keep reframing the same stories life after life, in the hopes of a different outcome? Helen Keller said, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight with no vision.”

Losing the people who I loved so suddenly was distressing to me. I worked in the theater where shows were transitory, but it obviously took a gazillion lifetimes before I was ready to face the reality that this world is transient, and until I accepted that I would never evolve to enjoy it.

So, when my soul (the bird) finally woke up and broke free from the cage of my mind’s illusions, I saw the world though new eyes and I wanted to know the ‘Creator of the Universe!’

The ‘rabbit’ was free at last! And it was then, that I found my real joy—to inspire other people, just as I have done, to transform their lives from suffering to joy!

Over the last two decades of assisting people from all walks of life transform their lives, it is clear that a healthy mindset is the medicine of the future. To learn more about Dynamic Life Renewal and how people’s lives have transformed—Click here to read case studies
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