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Going From Stuck to Freedom

How Did Gloria Go From the Performing Arts to Healing Arts?

How Will Dynamic Life Renewal Help Everyone?
Is There a Solution For Depression?





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curioustimesDr. Gloria Andrioli has been a guest at my radio show several times. She is delightful to work with and is exceptionally knowledgeable in many areas of interest to my listening audience. I have had excellent feedback from my listeners and requests to have her continue to return to my show. The gentle manner in which she discusses her topic, and works with callers is amazing to watch. My listeners have said that the shows Gloria has been a guest on are among some of the most powerful shows they have heard and participated in. Gloria has been gracious and accommodating and has been a joy to interview every time she’s appeared on my show. I highly recommend her to any Radio or Television show as a featured guest. Chris, Curious Times. Blog Talk Radio ♥

Thank you Gloria, for the profound healing you led me through on Curious Times last night. You have a very finely attuned gift, and you offer it generously with great compassion to others. ☾♥☽ ~ David Hughes

Gloria has a great way with people that is very non threatening that allows those who want help to open up and do some very important work. ~ Chris, Curious Times, Blog Talk Radio


bttvWorking in television, I have had the wonderful privilege of working with the best and most high-profile psychics from coast to coast. In my first meeting with Gloria, I was blown away by her talent, poise, and technique. I think everyone reading this should make an appointment. ~ Adora English, Producer

bttestimonials3I had three sessions with Gloria and can attest to how wonderful her healing work is. I was a little skeptical at first, wondering how someone could possibly interact with me a thousand miles away but once I spoke to her the miles became insignificant. I felt like she was right there next to me, guiding me to find my purpose, my well being, my life. She brought things out in me that I never, ever would have realized myself. I now have a much more even way of thinking, feeling grounded and secure where there once was a feeling of insecurity and fear. If I could give a piece of advice to anyone starting a session, it would be to relax, breathe and let go and you will be amazed at what happens. ~ Joan G Daytona Beach FL  More Testimonials