Life Renewal One-on One Sessions – 6 hours to change your life!

In 12 years of therapy I never realized what it took Dr. Andrioli in just three sessions to help me find—a huge clearing and a wonderful shift. ~ J. Sutton. NC.

The path to self-realization can be most difficult, yet enlightening. My son’s suicide left me without a purpose to live, but freeing up the soul can be exhilarating, and in a few sessions, Incredible! I continue to experience miraculous changes within myself as I extend a helping hand to others. ~ K. T. Virginia

I highly recommend Gloria Andrioli’s work. I have felt very noticeable clearing and easing of tension emotionally that I really wasn’t aware I was carrying. Consequently and really quickly, changes occurred in my life. One person came in; another that really wasn’t serving my higher good went out. All without me concentrating, thinking or worrying about making anything happen. It really is quite surprising and fascinating to experience. She has provided me with a valuable contribution to my inner growth! Treat yourself to the emotional freedom! Thank You Gloria! ~ Dr. Kathy O’Connor Petaluma CA, 04/10/13

I am so grateful for the invaluable help that Dr. Andrioli provided to me. I have struggled with anxiety and depression for over twenty years. She was able to help me uncover the root of the problems that have haunted me for so many years. The sessions have enabled me to see how the complex problems I faced were connected to past events in my life. She helped me to see the all-important connection between mind, body and spirit and provided me with numerous techniques to help me continue to improve my life on a daily basis. As a result of the Life Renewal sessions with Dr. Andrioli, I have become a calmer, more relaxed person and have been able to find my true inner self.  ~ K. Matthews, PA, 06/08/12

I had three sessions with Gloria and can attest to how wonderful her healing work is. I was a little skeptical at first, wondering how someone could possibly interact with me a thousand miles away but once I spoke to her the miles became insignificant. I felt like she was right there next to me, guiding me to find my purpose, my well being, my life. She brought things out in me that I never, ever would have realized myself. I now have a much more even way of thinking, feeling grounded and secure where there once was a feeling of insecurity and fear. If I could give a piece of advice to anyone starting a session, it would be to relax, breathe and let go and you will be amazed at what happens. ~ Joan G Daytona Beach FL

Gloria —Yes, you can find me floating above Cloud 9! I can’t begin to tell you how full and content and happy I am! I always felt a bit empty, as if my source was outside of myself and I was always striving to get it back. Now, I just feel like I’m completely anchored in love, contentment, and fullness of God and universal support. It’s just wonderful!!!!!!! ~ Susan S., FL

This process has changed my life in ways that nothing else ever has. I was struck by Gloria’s graceful presence and her ability to help me uncover the core of my life long problems so quickly. I have more energy after my chronic illness and my life has become more positive every day. ~ Peg Shelton. Rochester, N.Y.

I highly recommend the Life Renewal process for complete body-mind-spirit health and wellbeing. ~ Brenda M. Montrella,  Doctor of Naturopathy and owner of Everything Natural Under the Sun, PA

Family sessions

My family and I have benefited greatly from your magical healing. ~ H. Scheidel. Learning Technologies, Jacksonville, FL

Your presence gave our family the strength to heal from the tragic loss of our child. Now we are at peace, united through love and understanding. ~ Linda B., NY

I have just returned from a three week trip overseas; two weeks in Geneva, Switzerland (attending a UN conference) and a week in Israel, visiting my family. I have experienced a wonderful breakthrough in my relationship with my kids and former wife. She and I have finally opened up and forgave one another, vowing to be good friends going forward. She and my kids marveled at the profoundly change-for-the-better. I realized, for the first time, that thanks to you Gloria, I have healed significantly and was able to show compassion and give love as never before. I was amused when my former wife and kids suspected that I was “high” on something…:) I knew that the secret was my healing! I am grateful to you for guiding me as the present and the future look brighter now. ~ Dan G.

Coaching Seminars

I love your classes for the music and color you bring to the serious business of healing. ~ The Brigham Center for Getting Well, Orlando, FL

Thanks for bringing the Emotional Literacy course to Thunder Bay. It’s really a great teaching tool to and the exercises really help the children feel good about expressing themselves. ~ Susan. Baldassi, Teacher, Ontario, Canada

Your seminar ‘Heart to Heart’ presented a wonderful new perspective on letting go of the past and celebrating life. ~ South Africa.

Medical Intuitive Readings

Your reading got to the core of my life long struggle with depression. I felt a powerful healing and since then my energy has increased and my physical health has improved. ~ M. Cameron, FL

Gloria, I celebrate your coming into my life and touching my soul so deeply. You made a lasting impression. ~ Shirley Northrop, NB, Canada